This Work Schedule outlines times necessary to complete certain tasks performed by our laboratory.  Please note that each and every day, as indicated on the schedule, is critical in the production of that particular task.   Keystone Dental Lab prides itself in never missing a due date as long as the proper amount of time is given to complete the procedure.

         Keystone Dental Lab is a small, high quality and service oriented laboratory.  The only way for Keystone to achieve these high standards of quality and service is for the dental office to allow the proper amount of work days needed for each procedure.   We hope this information will make your scheduling easier.

        The following is a list showing how many work days are needed to perform certain laboratory procedures. 


Please note some of the most important things to remember about the work schedule:


*Please note the amount of day's specified means full work days needed in the lab.
*Please don't schedule the patients appointment a week apart please follow the schedule. 
*Please do not count Saturday, Sunday, Any Holiday or the day the case is being sent out as a work day.
*There is no same day rush work performed on Fridays.
*Same day rush work is guaranteed back by 5:00pm if scheduled ahead with lab and is in our local delivery area.
*In Winter Months a schedule adjustment or cancellation  may be necessary at the last minute due to the intensity of the storm, especially for same day rush work.

Bite Rims.....5 work days

Custom tray.....5 Work days

Set-up for try-in.....7 work days

Re-set for try-in using same teeth.....5 work days

Re-set for try-in needing new teeth.....7 work days

Finish full denture from wax try-in stage (no changes).....7 work days

Finish full denture with changes or as an immediate from wax try-in stage.....9 work days

Finish partial denture from wax try-in stage (no changes).....7 work days

Finish Partial Denture from wax try-in stage with changes needed.....9 work days

Hard bite splints or Implant stents.....7 work Days

Partial Framework (metal work only).....12 work days

Rebase (full denture).....4 work days

Flipper.....7 work days or more depending on the size

Attachment or Implant work.....will be determined by the type of case and its complexity.


Repair (simple), Reline (simple) or Add-on (simple).....back same day by 5:00pm if it is ready in your office by 9:00am, is within our local pickup area and has been scheduled ahead of time with the lab and given a reference number.  Please call for details if you are unclear what scheduled ahead means.  Please note if repairs, relines or add-ons are not scheduled ahead and sent to the lab they could remain at the lab until the next open day on the Rush Work Schedule, this could be as little as one day or as long as one month.  Please remember the importance of scheduling these procedures ahead is critical.


Same Day Rush Work


     In the past, Keystone Dental Lab has done a fine job of shielding customers from economic concerns.  Costs are rising at an unprecedented rate, leaving Keystone Dental Lab no alternative, but to make a few changes.


     Starting Jan.1st, 2003, any same day rush work that is picked up in the morning (please remember all same day repairs, relines and add-ons must be scheduled ahead with the lab, must be within our local pick up area and must be ready to be picked up by 9:00am) and must be returned that same day by 5:00 pm will incur a $30.00 and up surcharge.  Our suggestion is to give the $30.00 and up surcharge option to the patient at the time you schedule the rush work, and let them decide if they want to pay it.  If they don't want to pay the surcharge their rush case will be returned the next business day by 4:00pm at no extra charge.  Please remember to schedule ahead all relines, repairs and add-ons, and please remember that same day rush work is only available to offices located within Keystone Dental Labs local pickup area.  Please remember that all same day rush work is guaranteed back in your office by 5:00pm.  If something needs to be back a little earlier we will do our best to accommodate, but cannot guarantee it.  Please note during the Winter Months weather could play a role with the return time of same day Rush Work and may even be cancelled if the weather is too bad.